The Resource Board

By Keta R. Cross 


What is the Resource (Vision/ Dream )Board?

A resource board  is a collection of assets that can be visualized by a person to function effectively and be used when needed.  The  resource board can include assets such as your goals, experiences, and gifts. Other resources could be what motivates or inspires a person to clarify, create and maintain focus on a specific life goal.  I am calling the   “vision board” or “dream board”, the” resource board” because it allows a person to visualize their own resources in order to achieve their goals for their life.

I consider myself resourceful therefore resources of all kinds help me achieve most of my goals. Such as , the experience of  not having a vision board but feeling the need to create my own vision board.  I realize being able to visualize my  resources  and goals helps me to maintain focus. Also, being able to share the resource to create and  inspire others to create their own resource (vision) boards.

Step 1:

Find your assets. An asset is a useful and valuable thing or quality. Grab a journal or notebook.

Write down your good and bad experiences. Have you had lost of job, health concern, or won a sweepstakes. What has your past prepared you for? What have you learned from your past experiences? Write down how you can use it as an asset to reach your goals in life.

Identify your gifts. What have others told you that you are good at? What do you believe that you can do but haven’t tried?  What do you do that makes an impact on others? Write down your gifts and how can you utilize them as a resource.

Write down your goals and aspirations  you have for your life that you want to start working on right now.  Be specific.  Think about your goals in areas: relationships, career, finances,  home, travel,  personal growth( including spirituality, social life, education) and health. Also, consider anything that inspires you or motivates you.

Step 2:

Find and choose images that can be used as a resource to reach your goal. Images should be actual pictures of what you want or of what asset you need utilize. For example , your goal is to get a new home, take a picture of that home.  Also, if you have a gift(asset) of writing then  the image could be of writing or a book.

What type of board would like to create?

A digital  resource board  can visualize each area  more in-depth and can be stored on their phone or laptop to look at wherever they go.

A physical resource board represents a “big picture” of what goals you would like to  have and visualize and focus on.

For both you can  use flicker or google search a word that connects to. your goal and search “images”. Save those images to your desktop or mobile gallery.  A physical digital board you can use magazines or print images from google or flicker.

Step 3:

Create your digital resource board with images saved on your phones/desktop by using a picture collage maker app or Pinterest.  For my physical vision board I purchased the paper  used for scrapbooks (for  variety and style) and simply glued images to the paper.

Step 4:

Digital resource board: Save your collage and make your screen saver on your desktop or on your mobile phone as wallpaper.

Physical resource board:  place your resource board in a place that you will see it often.

Step 5:

Start using your resource board to visualize and focus on what you want in life overall, an important task, or  a one or several specific goals.  In the same journal or notebook you used in Step 1 also write down how you will use your assets, the process and results (if any) of your vision.  You might find that you are unable to complete a task or reach a specific goal and that is ok. The resource board allows you to visually notice your supply of assets that can be used to function effectively in life.


My hope is that resource board gives you the opportunity to be creative and find out what is important to you based on the assets you already possess.




Credits :

Happy Black Woman digital vision board blog post

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